Cine-Cartas. Programa de Cine UTDT - HFBK Hamburg

Cine-Letters. UTDT Film Program - HFBK Hamburg

Institutional Screenings
Duration: min.
Country: Alemania,Argentina
Year: 2020
Online film:
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In Niño enterrado, Edgardo Cozarinsky quotes the first words from Tatiana’s letter in Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, “I write to you. When that is said, what more is left for me to say?” In these times of global pandemic and isolation, when traveling is only a memory, writing a letter, receiving a letter, is a gesture filled with sense. Correspondence, in its different forms, has become more necessary than ever. A project from the Film Program of Buenos Aires’ Torcuato Di Tella University, directed by Andrés Di Tella, in collaboration with the In meinem Zimmer workshop delivered by Nele Wohlatz at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg.

Watch the Institutional Introduction

Watashino-Machi, by Hikaru Suzuki - Japón - 6’
“The original video was recorded April 1st, 2011 after the explosion of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. When I came into contact with a new Latin American friend, I remembered my trip to Cuba and the fact that I had those recorded images of the Fukushima disaster.”

Tres sueños para Hikaru, by Franca Malfatti - Argentina - 10’
In this video letter, Franca narrates to Hikaru three dreams that have accompanied her since her childhood and youth. The textures, colors and sounds associate with the written narration creating a dreamlike atmosphere and strange sensations that appear among nightmares and lucid dreams.

Correspondencia de David Nazareno para Annika Gutsche, by David Nazareno - Argentina - 10’
Rewatching the footage from a documentary, and after the death of part of the crew, Nazareno writes a letter to Annika trying to find the keys in some mysterious testimony or any clue that would explain the tragedy and the sudden absence of Annika after the shoot.

Dear David, by Annika Gutsche - Alemania - 6’
“It’s not that I can’t sleep. I still fall asleep immediately, like an old sea lion, as soon as I put my head on the pillow. But everything comes back to me in dreams. And those images you send me, I know each and everyone of them with precision, because they are the images from my dreams.”

Letters to Kuno: Second Letter, by Nicolás Turjanski - Argentina - 7’
Nicolás, from Buenos Aires, sends an audiovisual letter to Kuno, in Hamburg. In this episode of the exchange, Nicolás tries to make the fragile bonds that bring their lives together, analogous to those of their family members and ancestors, useful to build a bridge between two dissimilar personalities.

To Nicolás, by Kuno Seltmann - Alemania - 7’
Kuno shares the commotion Nicolás’ letter has caused on him, and brings to the surface a bit more of his interior world, made of superimposed lights, shadows, words and noises. Kuno doesn’t know where all of this is going, but music is always welcome.

Letter to Eduardo I, by Marlon Weber - Alemania - 10’
“On May 13th I received a letter from across the ocean. On the 25th of May I sent a letter that traveled the whole opposite path.”

Segunda carta, by Eduardo Ecker - Argentina - 10’
When receiving a reply from his first letter, the joy of exchange makes the narrator wonder about the purpose of words and their effect for invoking and describing our personal experiences. In what way does language define our identity? In what way does it open us to the world?