Las sombras

The Shadows

Paulo Pécora
Argentine Short Film Competition
Duration: 18 min.
Country: Argentina
Language: español
Year: 2020
Online film:
November 24 25 26 27 28 29

In a house hidden in the middle of the jungle, a clairvoyant is visited by three strangers who ask for her help in invoking an ancestor at a séance. This unwanted encounter soon turns into a nightmare.

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Paulo  Pécora

Paulo Pécora

Paulo Pécora was born in Buenos Aires. He is a filmmaker and journalist. He wrote, directed and produced the features A Dog’s Dream, Low Tide, Amasekenalo and Lo que tenemos, the middle-length horror feature The Friends and more than forty shorts awarded at festivals.

Data Sheet:

G: Paulo Pécora 
F: Ignacio Tamarit 
E: Nubia Campos Vieira 
DA: Maru Tomé, Angie García Frinchaboy 
S: Nubia Campos Vieira 
M: Hernán Hayet 
P: Mónica Lairana, Paulo Pécora 
CP: Ríoabajo 
I: Susana Varela, Natalia Festa, Maru Tomé, Angie García Frinchaboy


Paulo Pécora