The Woman Who Ran

Domangchin yeoja

Hong Sangsoo
Duration: 77 min.
Country: Corea del Sur
Language: Coreano
Year: 2020
Online film:
November 27 28 29

While her husband goes on a business trip, young Gamhee makes the most of the first time she’s alone –in the five years she’s been married– and visits three friends. These three encounters organize the structure of the film, but that apparent simplicity of form hides, in each of its sequences, the secrets of Hong’s magic potion –the subtle repetition of the well-known resources of his films, the dialectic adventures of the everyday that, little by little, show the details that outline the features of the main characters that, on this occasion, are exclusively women. What’s more: every time a supporting male figure enters the scene –or is mentioned– , it creates discomfort or breaks the harmony of the narrative. More than twenty films as a director and Hong’s cinema still looks for new paths.

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Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo was born in Seoul in 1960. Since his debut as a director in 1996 he made 24 films, including Woman on the Beach (2006, 22nd Festival), Our Sunhi (2013, 28th Festival), Hill of Freedom (2014, 29th Festival), Claire's Camera (2017, 32nd Festival) and Hotel by the River (2018, 33rd Festival).

Data Sheet:

G, E, M: Hong Sangsoo
F: Kim Sumin
CP: Jeonwonsa Film Co.
I: Kim Minhee, Seo Younghwa, Song Seonmi, Kim Saebyuk, Lee Eunmi


Sohn Young Kyung