The Mar del Plata International Film Festival, produced by the Argentine National Institute for Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), recognized by FIAPF as the only Class A film festival in Latin America, announces the opening of the accreditation process for press and industry professionals. Available until November 12.

The 36th edition of the festival, which will take place from November 18th to 28th, will celebrate its return to the theaters of the City of Mar del Plata, with a program that is challenging, demanding and diverse. Within this context though, this will be an austere and limited edition, given that until a short while ago we were putting our efforts into an online version of the festival, and it has only been very recently that it became possible for us to work on an edition with more in-person events.

Keeping in mind the need for prevention and safety during these times, while at the same time maintaining the spirit and identity of the Festival as a space of coming together for the cinema, its creators and its public; we are organizing a mixed / hybrid version of the Festival with an in-person part in the places of cinema of Mar del Plata, respecting the allowable capacity limits, which will be accompanied by an online version, following on our successful experience in 2020, using various online platforms.

The objective is to sustain and strengthen this event with physical and online versions, understanding the Festival as an essential cultural event, with history and tradition, that creates new audiences but, also, is aimed at a vision of plurality and federalism.


For professionals of the film and audiovisual industry.
Requests for accreditation for industry professionals will be open through November 12.
If you have been previously accredited, you must enter here with your user name and request accreditation for this current edition.
If you are requesting accreditation for the Festival for the first time, you must enter here and create an account with your information, and then request professional accreditation.


Registration will be open until November 12th.
The accreditation process will take place exclusively online. Once you have sent the required documentation, you will be contacted via email if your request was accepted.


If you have been accredited previously, remember that your accreditation will not be renewed automatically. You must enter here with your user name and request accreditation for the current edition of the festival.
In the request you will need to attach materials showing covering of previous editions of the Festival. This is a fundamental requirement for the evaluation of your request.


This requesting accreditation for the Festival for the first time, or those who have not attended in a number of years, must first create an account with their information. To do so, you must click here.
Once you have registered:
You must complete the process of accreditation in which you will have to attach materials that show you have prior published work on Argentine and / or international film.
Further, you will need a letter signed by the director and / or your immediate superior from your medium. The letter must certify you as being designated to cover the Festival for the medium.
Letters should be sent to with subject heading: "Nueva solicitud”.

CLICK HERE to request your accreditation.