"The Road to the Festival" Series in the Auditorium

Approaching its next edition, the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, under the authority of the Argentine National Institute of Film and Audiovisual (INCAA) anticipates its arrival in the Sala Astor Piazzolla of Teatro Auditorium with a cycle entitled “The Road to the Festival”, inviting the public of the city of Mar del Plata to enjoy great Argentine films, free of charge and open to the public, subject to seating capacity in function of public health regulations.
"The Road to the Festival" Series in the Auditorium

The series will take place in two parts:

On the days of September 29, and October 1 and 2 a selection of Argentine films that were part of the International Competition of the 35th edition of the Festival will be projected.
And on the days of October 27, 28 and 29 the public is invited to enjoy a selection of films with soundtracks by the great Astor Piazzolla, on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Adapting to the times and with an attitude of resistance, this activity aims to maintain the Festival’s spirit and identity, that is to be nothing less than a space of encounter between the cinema, its directors and its public, on the beloved city of Mar del Plata. Each film will be presented by the filmmakers along with members of the Festival programming team.

This series is organized by the Argentine National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, in collaboration with the Subsecretary of Political Culture of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Secretary of Culture of Mar del Plata, the Teatro Auditorium and Piazzolla Foundation.

This event is part of the activities that the Mar del Plata International Film Festival is carrying out throughout the year, as it brings us along the path toward the 36th edition, which will take place from November 18 to 28.


First part: September 29, October 1 and 2 - 18:00 hours
Second part: October 27, 28 and 29 - 18:00 hours

Teatro Auditorium - Mar del plata

Entrance free and open to the public

Tickets can be acquired at the Teatro ticket booth
Av. Patricio Peralta Ramos 2280
Pick up tickets two hours before the function
(subject to regulations, until seating capacity is reached)


First Part

Wednesday, September 29 - 18h

Adiós a la memoria, by Nicolás Prividera

A father has lost his memory, while in his country a government imposed upon the citizenry proposes forgetting. A son dives into the home movies that his father filmed, looking for traces of his own memory. And between the two of them, the impossible memory of the disappeared mother.

Argentina, 2020, 90’

Friday, October 1 - 18h

Nosotros nunca moriremos, by Eduardo Crespo

Rodrigo and his mother travel to the town where his older brother has just died. In this peaceful place, they will pass through the first phase of mourning. Rodrigo will observe the pain of the adults and, in a way that is almost imperceptible, will leave behind his childhood. His mother will try to reveal the mysteries of death to him. A diaphanous film, with melancholy and light humor, and solitary characters who try to offer each other some affection. A story suspended in time, floating in the lost places of the province of Buenos Aires.

Argentina, 2020, 82´

Saturday, October 2 - 18h

Isabella, by Matías Piñeiro

Mariel is an actress from Buenos Aires who is trying to get the part of Isabella, the heroine of the comedy Measure for Measure. Along the way, between frustration and the idea of success, Mariel keeps bumping into Luciana, an old companion from the theater, who acts as a kind of brilliant shadow, a fate she cannot avoid, simultaneously illuminating and bewitching her. Isabella unfolds like a jigsaw puzzle about the difficulty of defining the exact color of our decisions.

Argentina, France, 2020, 80´

Second Part

Wednesday 27/10 - 18h

El exilio de Gardel, by Fernando Pino Solanas

Telephone calls try to shorten the distance between Paris and Buenos Aires. Some people cry into the phone, others scold their parents emphatically, rushing their words before the public telephone consumes their last coin. No one has ever done a better job, nor done so with greater poetry, of filming the pain of being forced to leave one’s country of origin than Pino Solanas in El exilio de Gardel, a feature film in which a group of exiled Argentines rehearse a musical for the theater entitled Tanguedia. In it, the artists dance and sing their anguish and sadness in the streets of Paris, as a way of feeling closer to home until their longed-for return. With music by Astor Piazzolla and lyrics by Castiñeira de Dios –created especially for this film–, El exilio de Gardel won the Jury Award at the Venice Film Festival.

Argentina, France, 1985, 119´

Thursday 28/10 – 18h

Sur, by Fernando Pino Solanas

Arrested during the military dictatorship, Floreal Echegoyen is let free in 1983, when democracy returns to Argentina. His first night out brings him to the streets of Barracas, a place he belonged to, where he lived with his wife and son, and spent time with his friends at a local bar. However, time and the events of recent years had taken some of those friends away forever. Between the fog and silence of the night, they appear to Floreal, inviting him on an aimless journey through important moments of his life and places of the past. Solanas creates a hallucinatory mise en scene, of a dreamlike nostalgia in which the characters walk across the screen as if suspended in the evocation of old utopias, transported by the sounds of Astor Piazzolla’s music and the voice of Roberto Goyeneche, whose performance in the film is mythical.

Argentina, France, 1988, 127´

Friday 29/10 - 18h

Volver, by David Lipszyc

An Argentine executive, exiled after the coup d’etat of 1976, returns to the country in 1982 with the mission of closing the local subsidiary of the company he works for. The journey leads him to reencounters with old friends and lovers, submerging him in the nostalgia of lost ideals.

Argentina, 1982, 90´