Senses of Cinema dedicates its new dossier to one of the Festival’s books

Senses of Cinema dedicates its new dossier to one of the Festival’s books

Senses of Cinema is an online film magazine, based in Australia, which for more than two decades has published works by film critics from around the world, theoretical essays and coverage of international festivals. In each issue it disseminates pieces that bring new perspectives for underestanding cinema in the form of articles by academics and journalists, internationally renowned authorities and cinephiles.

The special dossier of its latest edition -number 98- is dedicated to the book What will become of cinema? Postcards for the Future, published during the 35th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. A compilation of texts and images that includes the participation of colleagues and friends from all over the world, the book helps us to think about cinema in a moment of uncertainty.

Uniting their forces, Senses of Cinema and the Festival are presenting this selection of essays for the first time in English, now available on the Australian publication’s website. Presented by Michelle Carey (Senses of Cinema editor), Cecilia Barrionuevo (Festival Artistic Director) and Marcelo Alderete (Festival Programmer), the dossier includes a selection of the articles published in the original version, as well as some new reflections by more authors, offering a more updated perspective.

In order to see the dossier in English from this latest edition of Senses of Cinema, click the link here.

To download the book presented in the last edition of the festival in its original version, click here.