31 Edition (2016)

31º Edition (2016)

Multimedia Files

Program Guide
Domingo di Núbila Contest Winners
The Iron Horse
Entre cortes: Conversaciones con montajistas de Argentina

November 18th to 27th


President of INCAA
Alejandro Alberto Cacetta

President of Festival
José Martínez Suárez

Artistic Director
Fernando Martín Peña

Executive production
Carla Alejandra Calafiore
Lucio Checcacci


Opening Feature

Neruda, by Pablo Larraín - Chile, Argentina, France, United States, Spain

International Competition

Aquarius, by Kleber Mendonça Filho - Brasil, France
The blind Christ, by Christopher Murray - Chile, France
The future perfect, by Nele Wolhatz - Argentina
The silence of the sky, by Marco Dutra - Brasil
Free fire, by Ben Wheatley - France, United Kingdom
Hermia & Helena, by Matías Piñeiro - Argentina, United States
The reconquest, byJonás Trueba - Spain
Moonlight, by Barry Jenkins - United States
Nocturama, by Bertrand Bonello - France, Germany, Belgium
Paradise / Rai, by Andrei Konchalovsky - Russia, Germany
People that are not me, by Hadas ben Aroya - Israel
Scarred hearts / Inimi cicatrizate, by Radu Jude - Romania, Germany

Latin American Competition

Cuatreros, by Albertina Carri - Argentina
The Human Surge, by Eduardo Williams - Argentina, Brasil, Portugal
Nehuen Puyelli’s Sacrifice, by José Celestino Campusano - Argentina
Kékszakállú, by Gastón Solnicki - Argentina
Martirio, by Vincent Carrelli, Ernesto De Carvalho, Tatiana Almeida - Brasil
Jesús, by Fernando Guzzoni - Chile
Espejuelos oscuros, by Jessica Rodríguez Sánchez - Cuba
This Time Tomorrow, by Lina Rodríguez - Colombia, Canadá
Todo lo demás, by Natalia Almada - México, United States
Memory Exercises, by Paz Encina - Paraguay, Argentina, France, Germany, Qatar
One Last Afternoon, by Joel Calero - Perú
The Moderns, by Mauro Sarser, Marcela Matta - Uruguay

Latin American Short Films Competition

To Catch a Monster, by Michael Y. Lei - Brasil, United States
Carmelo’s Tomatoes, by Danilo Baracho - Brasil, Spain, Canadá
Pulse, by Dani Suzuki - Brasil
The Mother of the Mothers, by Wilson Arango - Colombia
Winds of Furnace, by Yamil Quintana - México
Ascension, by Samantha Pineda Sierra, Davy Giorgi - México
The Aeronauts, by León Fernández - México

Argentine Competition

Amateur, by Sebastián Perillo - Argentina
El aprendiz, by Tomás De Leone - Argentina
The Silence, by Arturo Castro Godoy - Argentina
Escape From Patagonia, by Javier Zevallos, Francisco D’Eufemia - Argentina
Sleeping Tiger, by Maximiliano Schonfeld - Argentina
A decent Woman, by Lukas Valenta Rinner - Argentina
The Winners, by Néstor Frenkel - Argentina
Balloons, by Mariano González - Argentina
Don’t Forget About Me, by Fernanda Ramondo - Argentina
You don’t know who you’re talking to, by Demián Rugna - Argentina
Pinamar, by Federico Godfrid - Argentina
Terror 5, by Sebastián y Federico Rotstein - Argentina

Shortfilm Argentine Competition

Óxido, by Víctor Daniel López - Argentina
Sobre usos y costumbres, by Marcos Montes de Oca - Argentina
Este amanecer es un ejemplo, by Leandro Naranjo - Argentina
Corp., by Pablo Polledri - Argentina
Soy Buenos Aires, by Tomás Gómez Bustillo -Argentina
Al silencio, by Mariano Cócolo - Argentina
Primos, by Magdalena Sáenz - Argentina
Ý Berá - Aguas de luz, by Jessica Sarah Rinland - Argentina
Eh che vo dale, by Gonzalo de Miceu - Argentina
El pozo, by Hernan Garbarino - Argentina
Un hada, by José Militano - Argentina
Murciélagos, by Felipe Ramírez Vílchez
La bijou, by Paula Magnani y Lucila Presa - Argentina

Work In Progress

Adiós entusiasmo, by Vladimir Duran
Al desierto, by Ulises Rosell
Cartografía bonino, by Martín Sappia
Cetáceos, by Florencia Percia
Construcciones, by Fernando Restelli
Danubio, by Paulina Bettendorff, Natalia Labaké, Agustina Pérez Rial
El árbol negro, by Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
El fulgor, by Martín Farina, Marco Berger
Extraño, by Natural Arpajou
Kentannos, by Víctor Cruz
La suave noche, by Luz Rapoport, Sofía Bordenave
Los árboles, by Mariano Luque
Los Tarakji, by Fernando Domínguez, Constanza Carbonell, Lautaro Villa, Julia Castro
Mario on Tour, by Pablo Stigliani
Río Mekong, by Laura Ortego, Leonel D´Agostino
Tigre, by Ulises Porra, Silvina Schnicer
Vaimborá, by Juan Sasiaín



CUMP4RSIT4, by Raúl Perrone - Argentina
A quiet passion, by Terence Davies - United Kingdom, Belgium
Actor Martinez, by Mike Ott y Nathan Silver - United States
Afterimage / Powidoki, by Andrzej Wajda - Poland
Antiporno, by Sion Sono - South Corea
Assalto al cielo, by Francesco Munzi - Italy
Austerlitz, by Sergei Loznitsa - Germany
Below Her Mouth, by April Mullen - Canadá
Captain Fantastic, by Matt Ross - United States
Des nouvelles de la planete Mars / News from Planet Mars, by Dominik Moll - France, Germany
Destruction Babies / Disutorakushon beibizu, by Mariko Tetsuya - Japan
Dr. Strange, by Scott Derrickson - United States
Belle Dormant, by Ado Arrieta - France
he Idea of a Lake, by Milagros Mumenthaler -Argentina, Switzerland, Qatar
La Mort de Louis XIV / The Death of Louis XIV, by Albert Serra - Spain
Le Cancre, by Paul Vecchiali - France
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, by Werner Herzog - United States
Los 4 golpes, by François Truffaut - France, Argentina
Mister Universo, by Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel - Belgium
Moana, by Ron Clements, John Musker - United States
Neruda, by Pablo Larraín - Chile, Argentina, France, United States, Spain
Operation Avalanche, by Matt Johnson - United States
Paterson, by Jim Jarmusch - United States
Rester Vertical, by Alain Guiraudie - France
Safari, by Ulrich Seidl - Austria
Sieranevada, by Cristi Puiu - Romania
Snowden, by Oliver Stone - United States
Take Me Home, by Abbas Kiarostami - Irán
The Age of Shadows, by Kim Jee-woon - South Corea
The Dreamed Ones / Die Getraumten, by Ruth Beckermann - Austria
The Dreamed Path / Der Traumhafte Weg, by Angela Schanelec - Germany
The Woman Who Left /Ang Babaeng Humayo, by Lav Diaz - Phillipines
Three, by Johnnie To - Hong Kong
Tunnel, by Kim Seong-hun - South Corea
Visita ou memórias e confissões / Memories and Confessions, by Manoel de Oliveira - Portugal
Wet Woman in the Wind, by Akihiko Shiota - Japan
Yourself and Yours, by Hong Sang-soo - South Corea
Autumn Days / Qiu Ri, by Tsai Ming-liang - Taiwán
Bring the Head of Tim Horton, by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson - Canadá
Sarah Winchester, by Bertrand Bonello - France
Aux quatre coins, by  Jacques Rivette - France
Le Divertissement, by Jacques Rivette - France
Le Quadrille, by Jacques Rivette - France

New Authors

By the Time It Gets Dark / Dao Khanong, by Anocha Suwichakornpong - Thailand, Netherlands, France
The Birth of a Nation, by Nate Parker - United States
Gulistan, Land of Roses, by Zaynê Akyol - Canadá, Germany
The Night, by Edgardo Castro - Argentina
Le Parc / The Park, by Damien Manivel - France
Life After Life / Zhi fan ye mao, by Zhang Hanyi - Hong Kong
Lumieres d'été / Summer Lights, by Jean-Gabriel Périot - France
My Last Failure, by Cecilia Kang - Argentina
You'll Never Be Alone, by Alex Anwandter - Chile
Oscuro animal, by Felipe Guerrero -Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Greece
Pow Wow, by Rob Devor - United States
The Challenge, by Yuri Ancarani - France / Italy
The Stairs, by Hugh Gibson - Canadá

Argentine Cinema Panorama

2001: While Kubrick Was in Space, by Gabriel Nicoli -Argentina
Adán Buenosayres. The Movie, by Juan Villegas - Argentina
Bepo, by Marcelo Galvez - Argentina
Binaria, by Carolina Rimini, Gustavo Galuppo - Argentina
Letter 12, Prague., by Vera Czemerinski - Argentina
Winter Comes After Autumn, by Nicolás Zukerfeld, Malena Solarz - Argentina
The German Neighbor, by Rosario Cervio, Martín Liji - Argentina
Farewell Essay, by Macarena Albalustri - Argentina
Esteros, by Papu Curotto - Argentina
The Pretty Ones, by Melisa Liebenthal - Argentina
Liebig, by Christian Ercolano - Argentina
The Senses, by Marcelo Burd - Argentina
Monger, by Jeff Zorrilla - Argentina
Onión, by Juan Pablo Zaramella - Argentina
QTH, by Alex Tossenberger - Argentina
Italian Romantic, by Adriano Salgado - Argentina
Being Awake, by Julieta Ledesma -Argentina, Uruguay
Fly by Night (The Legend of Argentinian Little Princesses), by Nicolás Herzog - Argentina

Latin American Cinema Panorama

Warehoused, by Jack Zagha - México
The Sound of Things, by Ariel Escalante - Costa Rica
The Empty Box, by Claudia Sainte-Luce - México
The Nobodies, by Juan Sebastián Mesa - Colombia
The Offended, by Marcela Zamora - El Salvador
Lost North, by Fernando Lavanderos - Chile
X500, by Juan Andrés Arango - Colombia, México, Canadá

Súper 8 / 16 mm

Canción para Victoria, by Ignacio Tamarit - Argentina
Triplete Plástico, by Ignacio Tamarit - Argentina
In Film/On Video, by Ignacio Tamarit - Argentina
Esta no es una película huérfana, by Ignacio Tamarit - Argentina
Pífies!, by Ignacio Tamarit - Argentina
Home Movie, by Sergio Brauer - Argentina
Malabia bla bla, by Sergio Brauer - Argentina
Incluso hay veces que hasta la luna se ensombrece, by Sergio Brauer - Argentina
Los sueños y las palabras, by Sergio Brauer - Argentina
La hora del té, by Luciana Foglio - Argentina
Vuelta a Italia, by Luciana Foglio - Argentina
Agua viva, by Luciana Foglio - Argentina
S/T, by Claudio Caldini - Argentina
Rolf Gelewski, Spiritual Dancer, by Claudio Caldini - Argentina
Fish Point, by Pablo Mazzolo - Argentina
NN, by Pablo Mazzolo - Argentina
Los espejos de Stern, by Paulo Pécora - Argentina
Making-off, by Paulo Pécora - Argentina
SP, by Azucena Losana - Argentina, Brasil
Karl-Marx-Allee, by Azucena Losana - Argentina, Germany
Neón, by Azucena Losana -Argentina
Corumbé, by Andrés Denegri - Argentina
El Manso, by Andrés Denegri - Argentina
Denkbilder, by Pablo Marín - Argentina, Germany
Denkbilder II, by Pablo Marín - Argentina, Germany
Angelus novus, by Pablo Marín - Argentina
S/T, by Benjamin Ellenberger - Argentina
Naked Inside, by Emiliano Cativa Argentina
S/T, by Emiliano Cativa - Argentina
Locomoción, by Ernesto Baca - Argentina
Resonancia Schumann, by Ernesto Baca - Argentina
Impregnar, by Ernesto Baca - Argentina
Destellos, by Ernesto Baca - Argentina
Papá Gringo, by Mario Piazza - Argentina
Sueño para un oficinista, by Mario Piazza - Argentina
A los santos cuetes I, by Mario Piazza - Argentina
A los santos cuetes II, by Mario Piazza - Argentina
El hombre de acero, by Mario Piazza - Argentina

Children by the Sea

1-0 / One to Nil, by Saman Hosseinpour - Kurdistán
Belgrano, by Andrés Ezequiel Milito - Argentina
Decorations, by Mari Miyazawa - Japan
Dji. Death Fails, by Dmitri Voloshin - Moldavia
Doña Ubenza, by Juan Manuel Costa - Argentina
The Present, by Jacob Frey - Germany
El tala, by Escuela, cámara, ¡acción! - Argentina
Feardom, by Iván Madolell - Spain
Los bichos del jardín, by Taller La Casa del Árbol - Uruguay
Los detectives de negro, by Colegio Inmaculada Concepción - Uruguay
Pasapalabra, by Andrea Testini - Italy, Spain
Pawo, by Antje Heyn - Germany
Rojo y Azul, by Taller de Animación CAI - Escuela 165 - Argentina
Súper escondida, by Taller de Animación CAI - Escuela 165 - Argentina
Wings of Stone, by Francisco Cerchiara Montero, Sofía Gariazzo - Argentina
Alike, by Daniel Martínez Lara, Rafa Cano Méndez - Spain
Au revoir, Balthazar, by Rafael Sommerhalder - France
Cats & Dogs, by Jesús Pérez, Gerd Gockell - Switzerland, Germany
The Cryptozoologist, by Vicente Mallols - Spain
Jonas & The Sea / Zeezucht, by Marlies Van der Wel - Netherlands
Le Renard minuscule / The Teeny-Weeny Fox, by Aline Quertain, Sylwia Szkiladz - Belgium, France, Switzerland
Little Thing, by Or Kan Tor - Israel
Otto, by Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw - Netherlands
Spring jam, by Ned Wenlock - New Zealand
Jamais contente / Miss Impossible, by Émilie Deleuze - France
Itzel and Sonia Adventures, by Fernanda Rivero - México
Mi mamá lora, by Martín Musarra - Argentina
Ozzy, by Alberto Rodríguez, Nacho La Casa - Spain
Sing Street, by John Carney - Ireland, United States, United Kingdom
Your Name / Kimi no Na wa, by Makoto Shinkai - Japan
Zip & Zap and the Captain's Land, by Oskar Santos - Spain

Film on Film

76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami, by Seifollah Samadian - Irán
Blue Velvet Revisited, by Peter Braatz - Germany, Slovenia
Cinema Novo, by Eryk Rocha - Brasil
David Lynch: The Art Life, by Jon Nguyen, Olivia Neergaard-Holm - United States, Denmark
De Palma, by Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow - United States
The Professional, by Martín Farina - Argentina
Fritz Lang, by Gordian Maugg - Germany
Life, Animated, by Roger Ross Williams - United States
Manda huevos, by Diego Galán - Spain
Mifune: Last Samurai, by Steven Okazaki - Japan
O homem que matou John Wayne / The Man Who Killed John Wayne, by Bruno Laet, Diogo Oliveira - Brasil
Hidden Treasures, by Claudia Sandberg, Alejandro Areal Vélez - Argentina, Germany
The Dying of the Light, by Peter Flynn - United States

Documentary Window

Surviving Execution..., by Laura Lagar, Mario Salvado - Argentina
The Hummingbird’s Gaze, by Pablo Leónidas Nísenson - Argentina
The Holy Mother Earth, by Nicolás Bratosevich - Argentina
The Relocated, by Darío Arcella - Argentina
Born in Syria, by Hernán Zin - España / Denmark
Orange Sunshine, by William A. Kirkley - United States
Rat Film, by Theo Anthony - United States
Reach for the SKY / Gong-bu-ui-Na-ra, by Choi Woo-young, Steven Dhoedt - South Corea
Sex, Maracas & Chihuahuas, by Diego Mas Trelles - Spain
Dog’s life, by Fernando Arditi, Mariano Vega - Argentina
Aqueles anos en Dezembro / Those Years in December, by Felipe Arrojo Poroger Graduado - Brasil
Tribus de la Inquisición, by Mabel Lozano - Spain, Bolivia

Midnight Screamings

1974, de Víctor Dryere - México
Black or White, de Matías Rispau - Argentina
Downhill, de Patricio Valladares - Chile
Eat that Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words, de Thorsten Schütte - France, Germany
The Wizard of the Bums, de Pedro Otero - Argentina
El mundo de los vampiros, de Alfonso Corona Blake - México
Drácula en Campana, 1972, de Titi Ramírez - Argentina
Raiders of the Lost Doll, de Hernán Biasotti, Facundo Baigorri - Argentina
Gimme Danger, de Jim Jarmusch - United States
Headshot, de Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto - Indonesia
Hermosos Perdedores Pop, de Agustín Arévalo - Argentina
Hipersomnia, de Gabriel Grieco - Argentina
Godmother, de Hernán Aguilar - Argentina
No Money, No Future / No-hu Dae-chaek Eop-da, de Lee Dong-woo - South Corea
Pepo: La última oportunidad, de Juan Irigoyen, Cristian Jure - Argentina
Relict: A Mesopotamic Tale, de Laura Sánchez Acosta - Argentina
Noise. Vynil Stories in Buenos Aires, de Lucila Melfi, Nicolás Visentín - Argentina
Seoul Station, de Yeon Sang-ho - South Corea
Supersonic, de Mat Whitecross - United Kingdom
We Are the Flesh, de Emiliano Rocha Minter - México
The Greasy Strangler, de Jim Hosking - United States
The Man from Mo'Wax, de Matthew Jones - United Kingdom
The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse, de Alex Crowton, Bobby Dass - United Kingdom, United States
The Wailing / Goksung, de Na Hong-Jin - South Corea
Transformación, de Iván Wolovik - Argentina
Under the Shadow, de Babak Anvari - Jordania, Qatar, United Kingdom

Altered States

All the Cities of the North / Svi severni gradovi, by Dane Komljen - Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro
Atlal, by Djamel Kerkar - Algeria, France
The Monster in the Stone, by Ignasi Duarte - France, Spain, Argentina
How I Fell in Love with Eva Ras / Kako sam se zaljubio u Evu Ras, by André Gil Mata - Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal
I Had Nowhere to Go, by Douglas Gordon - Germany
Measuring Change, by James Benning - United States
The Illinois Parables, by Deborah Stratman - United States
Wake (Subic), by John Gianvito - United States, Phillipines
Works 2015-2016, by Flavia de la Fuente - Argentina
All Still Orbit, by James Lattimer, Dane Komljen - Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Brasil
Answer Print, by Mónica Savirón - United States
Cilaos, by Camilo Restrepo - France
IImages of Nowhere, by Rubén Guzmán - Argentina
Jeanette, by Xurxo Chirro - Spain
Luna e Santur, by Joshua Solondz - United States
L'Aquarium et la nation, by Jean Marie Straub - France
Incantati, by Jean Marie Straub - France
Burning Mountains That Spew Flame, by Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón - Spain
Rust, by Eloy Domínguez Serén – Spain, Sweden
Schuld, by Gonzalo Egurza - Argentina
The Dockworker's Dream, by Bill Morrison - Portugal, United States
Um campo de aviacão / An Aviation Field, by Joana Pimenta - Portugal, United States


Thom Andersen

The Thoughts That Once We Had, by Thom Andersen - United States
Juke: Passages from the Films of Spencer Williams, by Thom Andersen - United States
A Train Arrives at the Station, by Thom Andersen - United States

Masao Adachi

Bowl / Wan, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Closed Vagina / Sain, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Abortion / Datai, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Birth Control Revolution / Hinin kakumei, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Galaxy / Gingakei, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Sex Zone / Sei chitai, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Sex Game / Seiyu gi, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Female Student Guerilla / Jogakusei gerira, by Masao Adachi -Japan
A.K.A. Serial Killer / Ryakusho renzoku shasatsuma, by Masao Adachi - Japan
A Woman in Revolt / Hanjo mugen jigoku, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Gushing Prayer / Funshutsu kigan - 15-sai no baishunfu, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War / Sekigun-P.F.L.P: Sekai senso sengen, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Prisoner - Terrorist / Yu heisha - terorisuto, by Masao Adachi - Japan
Artist of Fasting / Danjiki geinin, by Masao Adachi - Japan

Olivier Assayas

Irma Vep, by Olivier Assayas - France
Demonlover, by Olivier Assayas - France
Clean, by Olivier Assayas – France, Canadá, United States
Personal Shopper, by Olivier Assayas - France

Pierre Léon

Deux dames sérieuses, by Pierre Léon - France
Li per li, by Pierre Léon - France
Oncle Vania / Uncle Vanya, by Pierre Léon - France
L'Adolescent, by Pierre Léon - France
L'Etonnement/, by Pierre Léon - France
Nissim dit Max, by Pierre Léon, Vladirmir Léon - France
Octobre, by Pierre Léon - France
Guillaume et les sortile ges, by Pierre Léon - France
L'Idiot, by Pierre Léon - France
Biette, by Pierre Léon - France
Par exemple, Electre, by Pierre Léon, Jeanne Balibar - France
Phantom Power, by Pierre Léon – Russia, Portugal, France, Austria
Deux Rémi, deux / Two Rémi, Two, by Pierre Léon - France, Switzerland
Á la barbe d'Ivan, by Pierre Léon - France

Ted Fendt

Broken Specs, by Ted Fendt - United States
Travel Plans, by Ted Fendt,  United States
Going Out, by Ted Fendt - United States
Short Stay, by Ted Fendt - United States

Wang Bing

Night and Fog in Zona, by Jung Sung-il - South Corea
Ta'Ang/Deang, by Wang Bing - Hong Kong, France
Bitter Money / Ku Qian, by Wang Bing - France, China

Peter Von Bagh

Socialism / Sosialismi, by Peter Von Bagh - Finland
Peter Von Bagh, by Tapio Piirainen - Finland


Hollywood Area

The Iron Horse, by John Ford - United States
Show People, by King Vidor - United States

Buster Keaton

One Week, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Scarecrow, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
Convict 13, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
Neighbors, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Haunted House, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
Hard Luck, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The High Sign, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Playhouse, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Goat, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Boat, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Paleface, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
Cops, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
My Wife’s Relation, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Frozen North, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Love Nest, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Blacksmith, by Buster Keaton, Malcolm St. Clair - United States
The Electric House, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
Daydreams, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States
The Balloonatic, by Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline - United States

Film Noir

Fallen Angel, de Otto Preminger - Estados Unidos
Cornered, de Edward Dmytryk - Estados Unidos
Crooked Way, de Robert Florey - Estados Unidos
Jeopardy, de John Sturges - Estados Unidos
The Prowler, Joseph Losey - Estados Unidos
The Glass Key, de Stuart Heisler - Estados Unidos
Brute Force, de Jules Dassin - Estados Unidos
Pushover, de Richard Quine - Estados Unidos
Phantom Lady, de Robert Siodmak - Estados Unidos
The Sound of Fury, de Cy Endfield Estados Unidos
Too Late for Tears, de Byron Haskin - Estados Unidos
The High Wall, de Curtis Bernhardt - Estados Unidos
The Sniper, de Edward Dmytryk- Estados Unidos
Panic in the Streets, de Elia Kazan - Estados Unidos
Cry Danger, de Robert Parrish - Estados Unidos
Intruder in the Dust, de Clarence Brown - Estados Unidos
Woman on the Run, de Norman Foster - Estados Unidos

The Greatest Show On Earth

55 Days at Peking, by Nicholas Ray - United States
Zulú, by Cy Endfield - United Kingdom
The Fall of the Roman Empire, by Anthony Mann - United States

Buenos Aires Film Museum

Cine publicitario recuperado II, by VV. AA. - Argentina
Manuelita Rosas, by Ricardo Villarán - Argentina
Archivos intervenidos: Cine Escuela, by A. Carri, C. Echeverría, C. Murga & J. Villegas, D. Rosenfeld, D. Castagnino, E. Bellande, H. Rosselli, J. C. Campusano, M. Alché & J. P. Menchón, M. Bendesky, M. Piñeiro, N. Wohlatz, N. Prividera, S. Loza & Lorena Moriconi - Argentina


A Tribute To Argentine Film Personalities

Con gusto a rabia, by Fernando Ayala - Argentina
Mirad los lirios del campo, by Ernesto Arancibia - Argentina
La Parda Flora, by León Kilmovsky - Argentina
Romance en tres noches, by Ernesto Arancibia - Argentina
Cinco gallinas y el cielo, by Rubén W. Cavallotti - Argentina
El bruto, by Rubén W. Cavallotti - Argentina
El centroforward murió al amanecer, by René Mugica - Argentina
El negoción, by Simón Feldman - Argentina
Las furias, by Vlasta Lah - Argentina
Doce mujeres, by Luis José Moglia Barth - Argentina
Edición extra, by Luis José Moglia Barth - Argentina
Concierto para una lágrima, by Julio Porter - Argentina
Historia de una carta, by Julio Porter - Argentina
Arroz con leche, by Carlos Schlieper - Argentina
El deseo, by Carlos Schlieper - Argentina

Generation VHS

Apocalypse Now (Redux), by Francis Ford Coppola - United States
L'ultima orgia del III Reich, by Cesare Canevari - Italy
Helter Skelter, by Tom Gries - United States
Les Comperes, by Francis Veber - France
Roller Boogie, by Mark L. Lester - United States
She, by Avi Nesher - Italy
Possession, by Andrzej Zulawski - France
Chissa perché... capitano tutte a me, by Michele Lupo - Italy
Stridulum / The Visitor, by Giulio Paradisi - Italy / United States

Special Screenings/Historias Breves

Centauro, by Nicolás Suárez - Argentina
De la muerte de un costero, by Carlos Alberto Díaz - Argentina
El asado, by Ignacio Antonio Guggiari - Argentina
Hesperidina Express, by Franco Cerana - Argentina
Los invasores, by Juan Francisco Zini - Argentina
Plegarias, by Lucia Ursi Sotelo - Argentina
Puertas adentro, by Eugenio Caracoche, Julieta Cejas - Argentina
Últimos días del artista, by Agustín Ford - Argentina

Special Screenings/The Night of the Short Film

Berta y las menores, by Marina Glezer
Círculo, by Eduardo Pinto
Daño moral, by Gonzalo Bazillo
Deolinda, by Ana Pelichotti
El valle interior, by Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf
Promenade, by Cirila Luz Ferrón
Extremos, by Juan Manuel Ferraro, Federico Molentino
Reflejos, by Federico Larrosa
La humedad, by Gonzalo Zapico
Sé, by María Amanda Celi
La variación de López, by Pablo Parra
Tupasy, by Alejandro Nakano
Mal trago, by Francisco Inchausti
Una de esas noches, by Germán Servidio

Special Screenings/Award-winning Shorts at Local Festivals

Autosocorro, by Julián D’Angiolillo
El cumpleaños de Darcy, by Diego Frangi
En las nubes, by Marcelo Mitnik
Esta es mi selva, by Santiago Reale
Fantástico, by Tomás Sposato
Ishinomaki Rock n’ Roll City, by Federico Aletta
La gaviota, by Esteban Perroud
Payada pa’ Satán, by Antonio Balseiro, Carlos Balseiro

Special Screenings/Documentary Poetics

Campo adentro, by Melina Gutman, Gala Negrello
Gemelos, by Pablo Santiago Radice García
Celestial Candy, by Nicole Ernst
Kallawaya, by Laura Pastor, Gabriel Martínez Boulangger
Clausura, by Jesús Barbosa
Olvidados, by Carolina Swiderski, Alejandra Acevedo
El niño invisible, by Nicolás Carol, Andrés Montero Bustamante, Tatiana Vinci, Natalio Altube, Dominique Barbouth
Principio de precaución, by Christopher Bisman
Geige, legado, by Axel Gaibison
Variación sobre proceso documental, by Claudia Olivera
El hombre de las mil caras, by Alberto Rodríguez - Spain
Lantouri, by Reza Dormishian - Iran
Callback, by Carles Torras - Spain
Socotra, the Land of Djinns, by Jordi Esteva - Spain
No me quites, by Laura Jou - Spain



Golden Astor for Best Feature Film  
People that are not me, by Hadas Ben Aroya
Silver Astor for Best Director
Radu Jude for Scarred Hearts
Silver Astor for best script
Paradise, by Andrey Konchalovskiy.
Alfredo Alcón award for best actor
Mahershala Alí for Moonlight by Barry Jenkins.
Silver Astor for Best Actress
Sonia Braga for Aquarius by Kleber Mendonça Filho.
Honorable Mention
Leo Histin, cinematography for Nocturama, by Bertrand Bonello.

Audience Award
Aquarius, by Kleber Mendonça Filho.


Best Feature Film

Martirio by Vincent Carelli, Ernesto de Carvalho and Tatiana Almeida.
Best Short Film
Aire Quemado, by Yamil Quintana
Honorable Mention
El Auge del Humano, by Eduardo Williams.


Best Feature Film

El aprendiz, by Tomás De Leone.
Best Director
Los Decentes, by Lukas Valenta Rinner
Best Short Film
Murciélagos, by Felipe Ramirez Vilchez
Best Short Film Director
Al Silencio, by Mariano Cócolo.


Best Project

Extraño, by Natural Arpajou.