With the opening film Breathless, the classic by Jean-Luc Godard –one of this year's honorees– and screenings of Empire of Light (Sam Mendes), As bestas (Rodrigo Sorogoyen) and Fumer fait tousser (Quentin Dupieux), the latest edition of the Festival was officially inaugurated!

Prior to the screening of the French director’s film, the official opening ceremony of this edition was held, which included the very special presence of Graciela Borges, as part of the Tribute to Leonardo Favio, and Cecilia Roth, who received the Astor Piazzolla Career Achievement Award.

Throughout this day, the first films of each competition will be presented, as well as the special activities of the day.

The International Competition begins with two world premieres: screenings of the Argentina Tres hermanos, by Francisco Paparella, the intense story of three brothers framed in the immensity of the Patagonian mountain landscape; and the Swiss Réduit, by Leon Schwitter, in which the mountains (this time the Alps) bear witness to a family drama: the holidays of a father and son that turn into a story of survival.

The Latin American Competition opens with El visitante, by Bolivian director Martín Boulocq, a story of the redemption of a man who, upon leaving prison, tries to rebuild the bond with his teenage daughter. In addition, the festival presents Huesera, the first feature film by the Mexican Michelle Garza Cervera, which addresses the way in which socio-cultural mandates can impact the vital decisions of a woman going through a pregnancy.

The Argentine Competition starts its presentation with two premieres. On the one hand, El amor vendrá como un incendio forestal, by Laura Spiner, an unpredictable plot of encounters and lost opportunities based on letters that pass from character to character. On the other, Búfalo, the latest from the prolific Nicanor Loreti, who presents the celebrated boxer Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez in the role of a character who receives an opportunity to pay the debts of his past and start over.

For its part, the Altered States Competition will have its first screening, Human Flowers of Flesh, by the German director Helena Wittman, which narrates the hypnotic journey of a strange boat manned by a captain and her five sailors, when the limits between lucidity and reverie begin to fade.

The Auteurs section offers, among other titles, the premiere of Camarera de piso, the new short film by Lucrecia Martel, which will be shown accompanied by three other shorts: the latest films by Alice Rohrwacher (Le pupille) and Lois Patiño (El sembrador de estrellas), in addition to Un sueño como de colores, the 1973 film directed by the Chilean Valeria Sarmiento, which is part of the RESCUES section.

This Friday you can also see, as a preview and as part of the Children by the Sea section, the long-awaited Netflix production of Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro, an animated film on which the Mexican director toiled for a decade about the popular Italian novel by Carlo Collodi.

The adrenaline and strong emotions that characterize the Midnight Screams section come this time from the Korean Project Wolf Hunting, by Kim Hong-seon, the Ambassador's first late-night evening, in what has already become a classic sections of the Festival.

In terms of proper names, the Kinuyo Tanaka Retrospective stands out, opening with the films The Life of Oharu, by Kenji Mizoguchi, and Mother by Mikio Naruse; as well as the Heinz Emigholz Focus, which presents Salamone, Pampa, one of the three feature films that make up the exhibition dedicated to the German director.

The Open Air Screenings section offers some of the year's major national premieres, which will be screened in the Villa Victoria and Villa Miter spaces. Today is the turn of Argentina, 1985, by Santiago Mitre, while on Saturday 30 noches con mi ex, by Adrián Suar, and on Sunday Las Rojas, by Matías Lucchesi.

A bit of time traveling is offered by Generación VHS Presents: Immortal British Comedies, through a selection of feature films that covers the breadth of filmings and tones of the English sense of humor. This Friday you can see the great filmings, by Bill Forsyth, and the strange and not very well-known Funny Bones, by Peter Chelsom.

The Argentine Panorama brings us the presentations of Politico, by Francisco Novick, about the apprenticeship and construction of the political training of a 19-year-old young man; and Cross Dreamers, by Soledad Velasco, an emotional portrait of a group of crossdressers from Rosario and Buenos Aires.

One of the figures whose career is paid tribute to in this edition is that of Cecilia Roth. The actress will be present at the screening of Vidas privadas, the first film by Fito Páez in which she starred in and in which she gave life to a woman haunted by her past, who returns from exile.

On this day, the classic anthology of short films Historias Breves will screen. The latest edition aims to stimulate the production and direction of works by filmmakers at the federal level. This series, founded in 1995 and to date is INCAA’s longest running project, is just as important today as it was when it began, continuing to contribute decisively to our national culture identity. At 7:50 p.m. in the Cine Paseo Aldrey 2.

At 10 a.m. in the Club Español the first of two sessions of the 5th Forum of Film and Gender Perspective will be held. Its objective is to build and promote transformative and active strategies to make visible, problematize and reflect on gender inequalities in the different fields related to cinema. This year Clarisa Navas, Vanessa Ragone, Jael Caiero, Sofía Victoria Díaz, Carmen Guarini, Paola Rizzi, Alejandra Portela and Alejandra Flecher will participate as presenters during the two days of activities. Moderated by Dr. Lorena Saletti Cuesta.

A panel of producers with vast experience reflect upon the past, future and especially the present in Production designs today, a conversation that offers an ideal space for those who are going deeper into the wonderful world of production. With Agustina Llambi-Campbell, Laura Bruno and Oriana Castro. Moderated by María Fernanda Mugica. At 13.30 in the Club Español.

With weekly screenings of previews, review cycles and activities always filling the theaters to their capacity, the Núcleo Cine Club contributed to the formation of generations of spectators, expanding horizons, making people think and providing spaces for debate and coming together. Today the festival honors its 70 years of history. With Alejandro Sammaritano and Hernán Gaffet. Modera Pablo Conde. At 17:30 in the Club Español.

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