New Artistic Direction for the Festival

New Artistic Direction for the Festival

The Mar del Plata International Film Festival, chaired by Fernando E. Juan Lima, and produced by Cecilia Diez, announces that this year Pablo Conde will assume the Artistic Direction, succeeding Cecilia Barrionuevo, who has fulfilled that role with fervent commitment during the last four editions. Barrionuevo has been awarded the “2022-2023 Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Visiting Scholar of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies” scholarship from Harvard University, where she will be carrying out research on cinema and gender, and will also be participating in FIAF - Film Restoration Summer School, at the Cineteca of Bologna.

The Festival offers its congratulations to Cecilia Barrionuevo for these important achievements and celebrates that she will continue to be part of the team, continuing in her work organizing the Forum on Cinema and Gender Perspective, as well as other activities focused on academic research, which will allow the Festival to continue strengthening its ties with other institutions.

In the words of Barrionuevo: “It has been a privilege to serve as Artistic Director working with the Festival’s wonderful team, with whom we are committed to defending a cinema that is bold and true, that overcomes difficulties and fights to strengthen the international cinematographic community in pursuit of an open space for everyone, one that is more egalitarian and inclusive. I thank each and every one who has done their part and made these editions possible. Today I celebrate that Pablo Conde is assuming the Direction of the Festival. I have decided to undertake new challenges in the coming months and am happy to be able to continue working together with everyone along this same path and with the same great effort in the next edition of the Festival, to continue projecting not only films, but also the future itself.”

Pablo Conde has been part of the artistic programming team since 2009. Since receiving his degree in Film Editing from the National School of Film Experimentation and Realization (ENERC) and developing himself in that field, he has worked as an editor, screenwriter, producer and television announcer, while also organizing festivals, film series and cinematographic exhibitions, in addition to collaborating on books and writing for various media including Los Inrockuptibles, Encerrados Fuera and the French and Spanish editions of So Film magazine.

Is there anything more stimulating for a cinephile than being in a ‘festival state of mind’, experiencing that enthusiasm, that extreme excitement that comes from running from one movie theater to another to see more, share more, debate more, experience more cinema? Probably not. ‘Community’ is a word that defines the Mar del Plata Film Festival very well. Working in communion with that community -excuse the redundancy- is a unique and incomparable privilege. Those who are part of it know that indescribable sensation. It is contagious and breathes life into us. And those who don't, should try it: that is our goal. This is how we understand our task and we have been working accordingly, trying to offer more and more elements to define that state of mind. It is a pleasure to receive the torch from Cecilia's hands and follow her course, a course she has been able to hold fast to against all odds, doing so much good for the Festival. Ahead of us is the obligation to give continuity to the work of this entire team and of those who preceded us with the aim of expanding this community, until it has no limits, continuing to spread this passion.” Conde points out.

Another noteworthy item is that the programming team, consisting of Marcelo Alderete, Paola Buontempo and Francisco Pérez Laguna, as of this edition is being joined by María Fernanda Mugica: journalist and film critic for media outlets such as La Nación and La Nación Revista and co-author with Natalia Trzenko of the book "Amar como en el cine: Comedias románticas de ayer y de hoy". Trzenko was a member of the Festival Jury in the 2019 edition and has previously worked in other roles for the Festival throughout its history.

In the words of Fernando Juan Lima: “The festival has a life in which continuity and changes are combined. That is why with these changes motivated by the well-deserved achievements of Cecilia Barrionuevo, while we shed a few tears, we still have a smile on our faces because we know what a valuable part of our community she is and that we shall continue working with her; because we accompany our beloved Pablo Conde in this new challenge; and because the highly prestigious María Fernanda Mugica joins our team.”

The Festival celebrates this news as well as the opening of its call for submissions, renewing its commitment to creating community and making Mar del Plata a home for cinema, for all cinemas.

The 37th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival will take place between November 3 and 13, 2022. Organized by the Institute of Cinema, and Audiovisual Arts and being the only Class A festival in Latin America, recognized by the International Federation of Film Producers of Films Associations (FIAPF), the Festival is a fundamental place for cinema in our region.

Film submission for this edition is open until July 29, 2022 through this link.