A Bit of Light

Stephen Moyer
Duration: 98 min.
Country: Reino Unido
Language: inglés
Year: 2022
Friday 11th, 22:20 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 2)
Free screening
Saturday 12nd, 16:00 hs., Teatro Colón (Sala Teatro Colón)
Sunday 13rd, 13:10 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 6)

Gentle waves on the ocean, almost heavenly melodies and children playing in a park are the first things we glimpse in the new film by Stephen Moyer. This beginning is basically the calm before the hurricane. In his second feature film, the director follows Ella, an alcoholic woman who is forced to live in her father's house. Els—as her acquaintances call her— knows what she must do: she needs to stay sober to share time with her daughters, who are in the custody of her ex-husband after a series of unfortunate events, caused by her addiction. During this process, she meets a mysterious teenager with whom she strikes up a unique friendship. Thanks to a script written for Anna Paquin that allows her to display all her talent, A Bit of Light manages to convey the contained anguish that pervades each of the characters, but especially the fragile Ella.

Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer was born in Brentwood, uk, in 1969. He has a large career as a theater, film and television actor. He achieved international fame with his work in the HBO series True Blood. Apart from directing episodes of True Blood and Flack, in 2018 he directed his first feature, The Parting Glass. A Bit of Light is his second feature

Data Sheet:

G: Rebecca Callard
F: Peter Allibone
E: Todd Sandler
M: Nathan Barr
P: Phin Glynn, Axel Kuschevatzky, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Isabelle Georgeaux
CP: Infinity Hill, Pont Neuf, Shorelight Pictures
I: Anna Paquin, Ray Winstone, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Youssef Kerkour


Infinity Hill
Delfina Montecchia
E delfina@infinityhill.co.uk
W infinityhillfilms.com