Nicanor Loreti
Argentine Competition
Duration: 90 min.
Country: Argentina
Language: Español
Year: 2022
Friday 4th, 13:30 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 3)
Friday 4th, 22:30 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 3)
Saturday 5th, 22:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)

After three years behind bars, Búfalo has decided to change his life—resume his relationship with his son, put it together, find a normal job, stop making mistakes. His past, however, won’t seem to let go and convinces him to do one last hit, but things go awry and debt is no longer with society, but with “El Tano”, a complicated guy who seems unwilling to wait. In his old passion, mixed martial arts close combat, Búfalo will find a means of escape to pay his debts and begin again. Based on Alejandro “el Búfalo” Ortiz’s true story and starring boxer Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez, the new film by Nicanor Loreti tells a story of fighting and redemption in Buenos Aires with warmth and melancholy. In times of despair Búfalo shows that, even to those who have lost everything, there’s always one more chance.

Nicanor Loreti

Nicanor Loreti

Nicanor Loreti was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. He directed the features Diablo (2011, Best Argentine Film at the 26th Fetival), Kryptonita (2015, 30th Festival) and Red Point (2021, 36th Festival), among other works. He also wrote many films for other directors. Búfalo is his ninth film as a director

Data Sheet:

G: Lourdes Prado Méndez
F: Nico Gorla
E: Nicanor Loreti
DA: Juan Valle
S: Pablo Isola
M: Mauro García Barbé
P: Hernán Findling, Oliver Kolker, Pablo Bucca
CP: Funciona y Kuenta, Limbico Films
I: Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez, Oliver Kolker, Moro Anghileri, Jazmín Briguez, Pablo Pinto


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IG @hernanfindling