Diseño Artístico Audiovisual UNRN en Pantalla

UNRN Audiovisual Artistic Design on Screen

Institutional Screenings
Country: Argentina
Thursday 10th, 19:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)
Friday 11th, 13:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)

In the Andean Region of Parallel 42, among mountains and lakes, the Bachelor’s program in Audiovisual Artistic Design from the National University of Río Negro is taught. For the past 13 years, the University designs, produces and directs audiovisual projects from an interdisciplinary approach on different genres and formats. The distinctive seal of the Bachelor’s program in Audiovisual Artistic Design is given by images of high technical, narrative and artistic quality as the backup of Patagonian stories of universal appeal.

Toy complicado by Joaquín Soto - 15’
Lucho is going through a bout of depression, because his dream of becoming a journalist has crumbled down due to the economic reality. One day, he meets Tati, who shows him how to endure his problems as well as life in a different way.

Las vigilias de la noche by Nicolás Sánchez, Estanislao Cortada - 6’
Three dreamlike creatures dare to judge a mysterious dreamer. They question his existence and motivations as well as their own fears and cravings. In the meantime, they make believe they’re creators themselves.

La visitante by Llao Navarra - 11’
In 1885, in the Patagonia, a Desert Conquest deserter runs away to an isolated cabin in the Andes in the middle of winter. In his fight for survival, a strange visitor will surprise him.

Parcela 26 by Alejo Estrabou - 6’
On March 9, 2021, the Parcela 26 neighborhood, in Chubut, was intentionally set on fire. Hundreds of families lost their homes and the fire devastated entire forests. What are the interests behind those fires?

La amenaza de MacRee by Julio Ferraresi - 5’
A UNRN student falls asleep during class. A hilarious, tragicomical dreamlike encounter; a cry in defense of public, free, quality public education.

Lo que nos contaron del amor by Bianca Fidani - 16’
After three years of relationship, Martina has to deal with reality in contrast to the romantic love proposed in films, thus discovering the true meaning of love.

Intervalo by Fabián Soto - 1’
Fed up with studying, Boris plunges into a nightmare with no apparent end.

Naturaleza Olivia by Samanta Onnainty, Bruno D. Ruiz - 12’
Olivia spends her life wandering the Patagonian forests and stealing valuable things. Caught red-handed, she starts to be chased. Someone mysterious will save her, but at a high cost.

Todo el mundo a clase by Grupo Contragolpe - 6’
In a dark, empty world, different bodies represent a non-linear text that pendulates between present collective memory and an absent State under chalk dust. A moving photo album.

Fuego by Fran Bonthuis - 2’
A small creature from the woods has its first encounter with fire, which was started by a lit cigarette butt someone threw in passing.

Quemado by Emilio López, Dopamina - 5’
Amid the ashes of a forest fire, a carbonized being meets with a rabbit in order to dance above. Their dancing leads to a different space, where men with wolf furs pay tribute to the Christian gods.