Ecos de XingJiang

Echoes from XingJiang

Pablo Martín Weber
In Transit Competition / WIP
Country: Argentina,Chile
Language: Español
Friday 11th, 10:00 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 6)

H., a policeman who works for an Artificial Intelligence agency of the Chinese government, decrypts the brain of Mikhailov, a Russian scientist who participated in a secret project to decipher a message coming from a star 325 light years from Earth. But his mission fails, and H. is trapped in a cosmic loop outside of space-time.


Pablo Martín Weber

Pablo Martín Weber

Pablo Martín Weber was born in Córdoba in 1994. He directed Fragmentos desde el exilio (2018), Homage to the Work of Philip Henry Gosse (2020, winner of the Best Short award of the Argentine Competition of the 35th Festival) and Mourning (2021, 36th Festival). Echoes from XingJian is his first feature in development

Data Sheet:

G, F, E: Pablo Martín Weber
S: Juan Francisco Fantin
M: Octavio Papalini
P: Milagros Cabral Montejano, María Eugenia Arrieta
CP: Periferia Cine, Parina Films


Periferia Cine
Milagros Cabral Montejano
IG @periferiacine