El menú

The Menu

Mark Mylod
Duration: 106 min.
Country: EE.UU.
Language: Inglés
Year: 2022
Saturday 5th, 12:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)
Sunday 6th, 21:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)

A group of people travel to the Hawthorne restaurant, located in a private island. The place is as sophisticated as it is exclusive—the menu costs about 1200 dollars per capita. As the night unfurls, none of the diners seem to realize the severity of the chef (Ralph Fiennes), the peculiar way of serving the food and the strange behavior of the employees except for Margot Mills (Anya Taylor-Joy), who wasn't on the guest list and was invited by Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), her date. The tension increases with the eccentric dishes. No one has any idea about what will happen. In his jump to the big screen after having directed series the size of Game of Thrones, Mark Mylod relies on his remarkable cast in order to build a portrait of the miseries of the upper class. Is it a satire? Is it a thriller? Is it a horror movie? The Menu is, like a night at the Hawthorne, a unique experience.

Mark Mylod

Mark Mylod

Mark Mylod is a film and television producer and director born in England. He has directed for such renowned television series as Game of Thrones, Shameless and Succession. He also directed the features The Big White (2005) and What’s Your Number? (2011).

Data Sheet:

G: Seth Reiss, Will Tracy
F: Peter Deming
E: Christopher Tellefsen
DA: Lindsey Moran
S: Johnny Choi, Jim Schultz, Fletcher Sheridan, Ashley Olauson
M: Colin Stetson
P: W. Ferrell, J. Go, K. Goodson, B. Koch, A. McKay, D. Nguyen, Z. Phillips, S. Reiss, M. Sledd, W. Tracy
CP: Alienworx Productions, Hyperobject Industries


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