El método Tangalanga

Mateo Bendesky
Duration: 98 min.
Country: Argentina
Language: Español
Year: 2022
Saturday 5th, 21:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)
Sunday 6th, 18:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)

This isn’t exactly a biopic about the very famous humorist and lord of prank calls; it’s a film about Jorge, a somehow clumsy and shy office worker, who stutters when speaking in public and doesn't know how to approach the girl he likes. But Jorge is also, as those who know him are truly aware, a loyal, very funny friend. And when one day, a bit by chance, he ends up being the object of a hypnosis session, he discovers that he has a new ability—that of grabbing a phone and turning into the irreverent Doctor Tangalanga in order to amuse those in need of amusement. Disguising as a classical comedy, El método Tangalanga smartly appropriates the personal history and the legacy of an Argentine icon, paying tribute to him and, at the same time, going beyond that in order to tell a story about humor as a superpower.

Mateo Bendesky

Mateo Bendesky

Mateo Bendesky was born in Buenos Aires in 1989. He directed the shorts Together Alone (2017) and The Magnetic Nature (2015, 30th Festival), and the features In Here (2013) and Family Members (2019). His films screened at such festivals as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Rotterdam.

Data Sheet:

G: Sergio Dubcovsky, Nicolás Schujman, Mateo Bendesky
F: Daniel Ortega
E: Federico Rotstein
DA: Ana Cambre, Agustín Ravotti
S: Mercedes Tennina
M: Gabriel Chwojnik
P: Diego Dubcovsky
CP: Varsovia Films
I: Martín Piroyansky, Julieta Zylberberg, Alan Sabbagh, Rafael Ferro, Luis Machín


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