El prodigio

The Wonder

Sebastián Lelio
Duration: 108 min.
Country: EE.UU.,Reino Unido
Language: Inglés
Year: 2022
Tuesday 8th, 18:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)
Wednesday 9th, 18:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)
Thursday 10th, 12:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)

Few actresses have the present situation of Florence Pugh. With one foot in the mainstream but without giving up on her most personal projects, the charismatic Miss Flo is the figure with whom everyone wants to work. In the new feature film by Sebastián Lelio, she returns to creating period piece in order to embody the world of a nurse who is sent to a small Irish town to decipher a mystery that, according to the community, is miraculous: a girl is still alive despite the fact that she has not eaten anything for months. The patient assures that the reason why she does not suffer any consequences is divine, but the nurse begins to challenge the faith of both the girl and all the inhabitants of the village. Starting from a precise idea, the Chilean director builds a strange form of period piece cinema to talk about religious dogmas, superstitions and cruelties.

Sebastián Lelio

Sebastián Lelio

Sebastián Lelio is a Chilean director. His fifth feature, A Fantastic Woman (2017, Latin American Competition 32nd Festival), and won the Oscar for Best International Film in 2018. He also directed Disobedience (2017) and Gloria Bell (2018), a remake of his own film Gloria (2013).

Data Sheet:

G: Sebastián Lelio, Emma Donoghue, Alice Birch
F: Ari Wegner
E: Kristina Hetherington
DA: Grant Montgomery
S: Ben Baird, Hugh Fox
M: Matthew Herbert
P: Ed Guiney, Tessa Ross, Andrew Lowe, Juliette Howell
CP: House Productions, Element Pictures, Fábula
I: Florence Pugh, Tom Burke, Toby Jones, Kila Lord Cassidy, Elaine Cassidy


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