Historias Breves 2022

Institutional Screenings
Country: Argentina
Year: 2022
Friday 4th, 19:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)
Saturday 5th, 13:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)

The classic short-film anthology’s goal is to encourage the producing and directing of works from filmmakers on a federal level and give them the chance to put new cinematic tendencies and aesthetics into practice, promoting their partaking at both local and international festivals. This series, which started in 1995 and has proved to be INCAA’s most longest-running project, continues to contribute decisively to national culture and identity.

Un día de censo by Santiago Hadida - 11’
Ana takes a census to a hermit who lives far away from civilization. During the poll, the old man confesses he doesn’t know how to read and, as she’s about to leave, he asks her to read him an old letter. Ana reads it out loud, but when she finds some content that’s tough to reveal, re replaces it with a passage from Romeo and Juliet.

Río abajo by Facundo Alcalde - 15’
Virginia and her baby await Manuel’s return in a distant spot in the mountains. A white horse wanders around the area, foreseeing impending change during the tense wait. During a stormy night, a stranger knocks on the ranch’s door seeking asylum. He says he’s in search of his lost horse, and Virginia understands the wait is over.

La chica toro by Sofía González Gil - 14’
Lucrecia, a 35-year-old actress who owns a bookstore, is asked to replace the lead actress in Antigone, who’s hoarse. She has to prepare and deal with the opinions of a cast of prestigious actors as she goes through a romantic crisis. It’s the biggest artistic challenge she has ever faced.

Amor de lana by Nicolás Zalcman, Paula Marotta - 13’
The life of Jimena, a girl trapped in an old flame, changes forever when she meets Matías, who’s charming, fun, romantic, but… a puppet! Now, for the first time, Jimena will find real love, but she will have to break down many taboos in order to accept him.

Las Rojas by Tom Espinoza - 14’
Carmen practices vaulting (artistic gymnastics over a horse) and has a tense relationship with her coach and teammates, as they introduce her to the rite of becoming an animal.

La última cruzada by Juan Díaz Farrell - 14’
José Millán is a stall holder who lives alone with his dog, raising his animals and working the lands that took so much effort and time to obtain. His peace is interrupted when an international oil company unscrupulously pressures him to drill his land. José resists and fights them alone.