How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Daniel Goldhaber
International Competition
Duration: 103 min.
Country: EE.UU.
Language: Inglés
Year: 2022
Friday 11th, 09:00 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Friday 11th, 22:00 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Saturday 12nd, 11:20 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 1)

After the death of her mother due to a heat wave, Xóchitl takes her environmental activism to even greater extremes. In one of her most daring acts, she assembles a group of young people to break into and destroy an oil pipeline in Texas. Rebellious and committed, the members of the band are certain: they must do something –even if it is a gesture– to stop the climate crisis in a world on fire. After the success of Cam (2018), Daniel Goldhaber once again confirms his ability to alternate genres, appropriate all the classic tropes and create stories that are as original as they are stripped to basics. Thus, the American director delivers an urgent film, but one that goes against the grain of those that follow the same line: it does not intend to be solemn or instructive, but rather explosive and provocative. The virtue of this heist film is based on the fact that –to quote one of the protagonists– it does not go beyond what is just necessary.

Daniel Goldhaber

Daniel Goldhaber

Daniel Goldhaber was born in the US. He is a director, writer and producer. The son of scientists specialized in weather, he started making films in high school and worked as a documentary editor. Cam (2018), his first feature, was selected at many international festivals and acquired by Netflix, where it achieved some remarkable success.

Data Sheet:

G: Ariela Barer, Jordan Sjol, Daniel Goldhaber
F: Tehillah De Castro
E: Daniel Garber
DA: Adri Siriwatt
S: Michael Odmark
M: Gavin Brivik
P: Isa Mazzei, Daniel Goldhaber, Ariela Barer, Adam Wyatt Tate, David Grove Churchill Viste, Alex Black, Alex Hughes
CP: Chrono, Lyrical, Spacemaker
I: Ariela Barer, Kristine Froseth, Lukas Gage, Forrest Goodluck, Sasha Lane


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