Los de abajo

The Ones from Below

Alejandro Quiroga
International Competition
Duration: 83 min.
Country: Bolivia
Language: español
Year: 2022
Monday 7th, 09:00 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Monday 7th, 19:30 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Tuesday 8th, 13:30 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 1)
Sunday 13rd, 18:00 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)

Like a premonition or a threat, birds of prey fly over Rosillas. Below, among the men, resentment grows—the drought gives no respite, and the corruption and greed of the ones from above has left Gregorios lands without any water. There, nothing grows, and even his only cow is gone. In spite of his demands, there is a silence in the community that could be the result of inertia or resignation. Neither his son nor a possible new love seem able to give him hope for a future. At every turn, Gregorio plunges more and more into obsession, and the violence that dwells in the town becomes more palpable by the day. Rooted in an omnipresent space that is at once witness, mirror and reason in regards to the social conflicts the main characters go through, and with a dry tone and some visuals that give it a western-like feel, The Ones from Below builds a precise geographical metaphor in order to give shape to inequality

Alejandro Quiroga

Alejandro Quiroga

Alejandro Quiroga was born in Bolivia. He is a screenwriter, cinematographer and director. He studied Social Communication at the UCB. His previous works, Malditos gatos (2013) and Ginger’s Paradise (2020), screened at many international festivals.

Data Sheet:

G: Alejandro Quiroga
F: Diego Robaldo
E: Juan Pablo Di Bitonto
DA: Iván Siácara
S: Federico Moreira
M: Yonny Roldán
P: Álvaro Olmos Torrico, Francisco Paparella, Mayra Auad, Alexandra Yepes
CP: Empatía Cinema, MyMama, Entertainment, Río Azul Films, Chirimoya Films, De Otro Cuento Films
I: Fernando Arze Echalar, Sonia Parada, César Bordón, Luis Bredow, Ignacio Ruíz


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