Mato seco em chamas

Dry Ground Burning

Joana Pimenta
Adirley Queirós
Latin American Competition
Duration: 153 min.
Country: Brasil,Portugal
Language: Portugués
Year: 2022
Sunday 6th, 11:00 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 5)
Sunday 6th, 20:15 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 5)
Monday 7th, 14:00 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 1)
Free screening
Sunday 13rd, 13:00 hs., Teatro Colón (Sala Teatro Colón)

Chitara set up her own business: she extracts oil from some wells in the immense Sol Nascente favela and markets it in the territory. His stepsister Léa, who has just been released from prison, joins this dangerous undertaking, which has become her only method of survival and resistance. With musical scenes between assaults and shootouts, jumps in time and a humor that is as absurd as it is provocative, Adirley Queirós –this time together with the Portuguese filmmaker Joana Pimenta– maintains the playful spirit of his previous feature films to the point of becoming disconcerting. Is there space to get lost among so many threats, in a present about to explode and with an even more enigmatic future? Queirós and Pimenta’s characters confirm that it is possible, in this film that slips between testimonial and fiction, between adventure and harsh social reality and, like Chitara and Léa, between firmness and fragility.

Joana Pimenta

Joana Pimenta

Joana Pimenta was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1986. Her short Um campo de aviação (2016, 31st Festival) was presented and awarded at many festivals.

Adirley Queirós

Adirley Queirós

Adirley Queirós was born in Goiás, Brazil, in 1970. He directed, among other features, White Out, Black In (2014), winner of the Latin American Competition of the 29th Festival.

Data Sheet:

F: Joana Pimenta
E: Cristina Amaral
DA: Denise Vieira
S: Francisco Craesmeyer
P: Adirley Queirós
CP: Cinco Da Norte, Terratreme Filmes
I: Joana Darc Furtado, Léa Alves Da Silva, Andreia Vieira, Débora Alencar, Gleide Firmino, Mara Alves


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