Albert Serra
Duration: 162 min.
Country: Alemania,España,Francia,Portugal
Language: Francés, Inglés
Year: 2022
Monday 7th, 15:00 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Tuesday 8th, 16:30 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 1)
Wednesday 9th, 12:00 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 2)

De Roller is a calculating man, but one of impeccable manners; the typical intriguing diplomat at the service of a great power. He is a commissioner for the French Republic in paradisiacal Tahiti, a position that allows him to flow between the cracks of the island’s society. The experience has allowed him to develop the ability to go in and out, at will, of both the red circle of distinguished classes and the underworld. That capability will prove very useful when the rumor starts to spread of the sighting of a ghostly submarine, whose presence could announce the return of French nuclear tests. In Pacifiction, Catalonian director Albert Serra offers an uncomfortable portrait of the decadent banality of the French bourgeoisie, avoiding the temptation of sticking the needle of his cinematic compass once more in the ever-present Paris.

Albert Serra

Albert Serra

Albert Serra is a Catalonian film director born in Banyoles in 1975. He studied philosophy and literature, and his filmography includes the features Story of My Death (2013), The Death of Louis XIV (2016) and Liberté (2019), all of them screened at the Festival.

Data Sheet:

G: Albert Serra
F: Artur Tort
E: Albert Serra, Artur Tort, Ariadna Ribas
S: Bruno Tarriere
M: Marc Verdaguer, Joe Robinson
CP: Idéale Audience Group, Andergraun Films, Tamtam Film, Rosa Filmes
I: Benoît Magimel, Pahoa Mahagafanau, Marc Susini, Matahi Pambrun, Alexandre Melo


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