Paul Sanchez est revenu!

Paul Sanchez Is Back!

Patricia Mazuy
Patricia Mazuy Retrospective
Duration: 110 min.
Country: Francia
Language: Francés
Year: 2018
Thursday 10th, 19:40 hs., Del Paseo (Sala Paseo 1)
Free screening
Friday 11th, 13:00 hs., Teatro Colón (Sala Teatro Colón)
Friday 11th, 16:40 hs., Del Paseo (Sala Paseo 1)

During the 30 years between her debut with Thick Skinned (1989), Mazuy’s filmography has dealt with such genres as drama, comedy and romance. In the last five years, however, she has shown a special predilection for making police procedurals and suspense films, a shift in direction that was confirmed this year with the release of Saturn Bowling, but which had started in 2018 with Paul Sanchez Is Back! The man from the title is a famous killer that, ten years ago, committed some crimes that caught the attention of the public eye, and who had been missing since then. But when he’s seen again wandering around the scene of the crime, a young officer becomes obsessed with catching him. Far from fitting in any genre mold, Paul Sanchez Is Back! proposes an unusual cinematic experience.

Patricia Mazuy

Patricia Mazuy

Patricia Mazuy was born in France in 1960. She is a writer-director. After her first shorts, she worked as an editor for Agnès Varda in Vagabond (1989). There she met Sandrine Bonnaire, who would become the star of Thick Skinned (1989), her first feature. She wrote and directed some of her works alongside her husband, actor Simon Reggiani.

Data Sheet:

G: Patricia Mazuy, Yves Thomas
CP: Agat Films - Ex Nihilo
I: Laurent Lafitte, Zita Hanrot, Idir Chender, Philippe Girard


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