Plaga zombie

Hernán Sáez , Pablo Parés
Open Veins
Duration: 72 min.
Country: Argentina
Language: español
Year: 1997
Wednesday 9th, 23:59 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)
Thursday 10th, 23:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 5)
Friday 11th, 22:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)

The premise is simple—a group of young people in a small time must battle hordes of disgusting zombies, an epidemic caused by aliens with the suspected goal of invading Earth. The protagonists —former medicine student Bill Johnson, wrestler John West and mathematician Max Giggs— have to take care of a situation they cannot handle, resorting to their strength and inventiveness in order to destroy the zombies and avoid becoming zombiefied themselves. From this idea, Hernán Sáez and Pablo Parés built a gore-filled amateur film with grotesque humor and homemade special effects that achieved cult status—a key film for FARSA Producciones and Argentine fantastical cinema in general.

Hernán Sáez

Hernán Sáez , Pablo Parés

Hernán Sáez was born in Morón, Argentina, in 1978. He studied at the Universidad del Cine. He founded Farsa Producciones alongside Pablo Parés. Through it they made such titles as Plaga Zombie or Filmatron. Pablo Parés was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978, and directed such features as Daemonium: Soldier of the Underworld (2015, 30th Festival).

Data Sheet:

G: Hernán Sáez, Pablo Parés, Sebastián Berta Muñiz
F, E: Hernán Sáez, Pablo Parés
DA: Walter Cornás, Pablo Parés
CP: FARSA Producciones
I: Pablo Parés, Sebastián Berta Muñiz, Hernán Sáez, Diego Parés, Esteban Podetti


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Pablo Parés