Leon Schwitter
International Competition
Duration: 82 min.
Country: Suiza
Language: Suizo alemán
Year: 2022
Friday 4th, 12:00 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Friday 4th, 19:30 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Saturday 5th, 14:20 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 1)

In a hidden corner in the Swiss Alps, a man and his son Benny enjoy a vacation away from the distractions of modern life. After many days in connection with nature and learning about self-preservation, Benny begins to understand that this vacation is running longer than it was supposed to, and that his father has no intention of returning him to his mother, let alone civilization. Held captive in a cabin that was turned into a bunker, Benny faces an anguish that is less linked to the fear for his own safety than to witnessing the emotional collapse of his father, a man obsessed with defending his role of protector and with saving him from an impending climate apocalypse. The sublime can easily become hostile, and in the snowy mountains that surround the cabin, the grief for an inevitably doomed world and the alienation of a threatened masculinity converge.

Leon Schwitter

Leon Schwitter

Leon Schwitter was born in Lenzburg, Switzerland, in 1994. He studied film at the Zurich University of the Arts, where he specialized in screenwriting. He also founded the production company EXIT Filmkollektiv in 2019 alongside four other filmmakers. Retreat is his directorial debut.

Data Sheet:

G: Leon Schwitter, Michael Karrer
F: Robin Angst
E: Michael Karrer
DA: Vicky Sara Ramsay, Jacopo Giulini
S: Markus Kenel
M: Hora Lunga
P: Caroline Hepting, Rea Televantos, Leon Schwitter, Michael Karrer
CP: EXIT Filmkollektiv, Sabotage Kollektiv
I: Peter Hottinger, Dorian Heiniger


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IG @exit.ist, @leschwitter