Lucía van Gelderen
Argentine Panorama
Duration: 85 min.
Country: Argentina,Chile
Language: Español
Year: 2022
Thursday 10th, 22:00 hs., Cinema Los Gallegos (Sala Cinema 2)
Friday 11th, 14:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 5)
Saturday 12nd, 17:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 5)

Returning to the place where she left happily always implies a risk –or several– and Justina seems to sense this as soon as she arrives at the small Patagonian town of Puerto Pirámides. Coming back means once again seeing her family, her friends, the landscape that saw her grow up, and facing the legacy of her mother, who died recently, and an old summer romance, Patricio, whom she has not seen for a long time and who is about to get married. Caught between a past that she is not yet ready to leave behind, a present that she does not seem completely convinced about, and a future that is still uncertain, for Justina, coming back may also mean discovering who she is and who she wants to be. Lucía van Gelderen builds a small and sensitive story about the paths that sometimes have to be retraced to find one’s self again

Lucía van Gelderen

Lucía van Gelderen

Lucía van Gelderen was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. She graduated as a film and TV director. She currently manages HD Argentina. Her first short as a director, Aguamadre (2013), participated at the 66th Cannes Film Festival and other international festivals.

Data Sheet:

G: Lucía van Gelderen, Salvador Roselli
F: Alejandro Ortigueira
E: César Custodio
DA: Ana Cambre
S: Martín Grignaschi
M: Juan Manuel Ponce, Francisco Ponce
P: Valeria Forster, Mercedes Cordova, Gonzalo Rodríguez Bubis
CP: Brava Cine, HD Argentina, Parox
I: Florencia Torrente, Luciano Cáceres, Daniel Melingo, María Ucedo, Paula Carruega


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