The King’s Daughter

Patricia Mazuy
Patricia Mazuy Retrospective
Duration: 119 min.
Country: Francia,Alemania,Bélgica
Language: Francés
Year: 2000
Monday 7th, 19:40 hs., Del Paseo (Sala Paseo 1)
Tuesday 8th, 16:40 hs., Del Paseo (Sala Paseo 1)
Wednesday 9th, 19:30 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)

The search for using the female as a theme plays a central role in Mazuy’s work. Usually with women as protagonists, her works capture —sometimes noticeably, sometimes in a less obvious manner— the frictions and convergences that shape their bond with the world. The King’s Daughter case confirms this. But it also proves that the director does not need to affix her stories in a contemporary landscape in order to talk about her own time; that she is capable of doing it under the masks of the historical and period films. Set in the late 19th century, the golden age of French monarchy, The King’s Daughter tackles the story of a school devoted to educating the daughters of nobility, run by Madame de Maintenon, who’s married in secret to Louis XIV. There, they receive avant-garde training, but also the certainty that their social survival depends on being chosen by the right man.

Patricia Mazuy

Patricia Mazuy

Patricia Mazuy was born in France in 1960. She is a writer-director. After her first shorts, she worked as an editor for Agnès Varda in Vagabond (1989). There she met Sandrine Bonnaire, who would become the star of Thick Skinned (1989), her first feature. She wrote and directed some of her works alongside her husband, actor Simon Reggiani.

Data Sheet:

G: Patricia Mazuy, Yves Thomas
F: Thomas Mauch
E: Ludo Troch
M: John Cale
P: Denis Freyd, Diana Elbaum, Helga Bähr
I: Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Simon Reggiani, Jean-François Balmer, Anne Marev


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Agathe Mornon