Salamone, Pampa

Heinz Emigholz
Heinz Emigholz Focus
Duration: 62 min.
Country: Alemania
Year: 2022
Friday 4th, 20:10 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 1)
Monday 7th, 17:30 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 1)
Thursday 10th, 14:10 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 1)

The film shows eleven slaughterhouses, nine town halls and squares, a school and four monumental cemetery portals which Francisco Salamone and his team built between 1936 and 1939 in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires in the cities of Alem, Azul, Balcarce, Carhué, Coronel Pringles, Epecuén, Guaminí, Laprida, Pellegrini, Saldungaray, Salliqueló, Tres Lomas and Vedia.

Heinz Emigholz

Heinz Emigholz

Heinz Emigholz was born in Achim, Germany, in 1948. He trained as an illustrator and also studied Philosophy and Literature in Hamburg. He started filming in 1968, and since 1973, he has been working as a filmmaker, artist, writer and producer, both in his country and the US. He is a member of Berlin’s Academy of Arts since 2013.

Data Sheet:

G: Heinz Emigholz
F, E: Heinz Emigholz, Till Beckmann
S: Christian Obermaier, Jochen Jezussek, Esteban Bellotto
P: Frieder Schlaich, Irene von Alberti
CP: Filmgalerie 451, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg


Filmgalerie 451
Frieder Schlaich