Mariano Biasin
Duration: 100 min.
Country: Argentina
Language: Español
Year: 2022
Saturday 5th, 18:00 hs., Cine Ambassador (Sala Ambassador 1)
Sunday 6th, 22:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)
Monday 7th, 16:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 2)

Manuel and Felipe are 16 years old, go to school together and play together in a rock band. Best friends since childhood, they share all their secrets, including their first sexual experiences with girls. Suddenly, something unexpected happens: Manuel falls in love with Felipe. Manuel's connections to his family and friends set the pace of the film: his father, a luthier who understands him and supports him in his decisions, and Azul, a classmate who is first a partner and then a friend and confidant, are two pillars in his love life. Although his environment is understanding in relation to falling in love, he cannot stop feeling the weight of a painful question: is it possible that, if he confesses his feelings, the friendship with Felipe will end? Is it worth taking that leap into the void?

Mariano Biasin

Mariano Biasin

Mariano Biasin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980. He graduated from the Eliseo Subiela Professional School of Film and Audiovisual Arts. He directed the shorts Fabrizio's Initiation (2015, winner of the Crystal Bear in the Generation Kplus category of the Berlin Festival) and Área chica, infierno grande (2020, co-directed with Federico Marcello).

Data Sheet:

G: Mariano Biasin
F: Iván Gierasinchuk
E: María Astrauskas
DA: Merlina Molina Castaño
S: Gaspar Scheuer
M: Emilio Cervini
P: Juan Pablo Miller, Laura Donari
CP: Tarea Fina
I: Martín Miller, Teo Inama Chiabrando, Azul Mazzeo


Tarea Fina
Juan Pablo Miller
IG @tareafinacine