Cortos del Programa de Cine UTDT

Shorts from the UTDT Film Program

Manuel Muñoz, Renata Juncadella, Maxine Swann, Florencia Zunana, Celina Wolffelt, Florentina González
Institutional Screenings
Duration: 72 min.  
Country: Argentina  
Language: Español  
Sábado 4, 14:30 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 6)

The modus operandi of the Film Program is one of constant work. The participants divide into groups of four or five—each week, taking turns at directing, they present an exercise. Over the course of eight months of class, we attend five short films per week. It is a vertiginous process of shooting, editing, screening, reediting and permanent reflection; of finding ideas through sheer practice. The procedure follows Goethes words, “There is a form of the empirical that is so delicate that it automatically turns into theory.”

Andrés Di Tella (Director of the UDTD Film Program)

Tegucigalpa no tiene Street View 
Manuel Muñoz – 10’
The Great Kan has dreamed of a city, and describes it to Marco Polo. Guided by the testimony of its old inhabitants, we travel across an imagined, impossible city. An empty restaurant, a rainy street, a construction city and the constant presence of smoke, fire and ash.

Rastros de un eco
Renata Juncadella – 17’
Is cinema a way of sublimating mourning? Carla travels to Costa Rica with her three daughters to explore the place where a plane in which her father was traveling disappeared. Throughout the trip, the four of them decide to make a film that ends up capturing much more than that search.

14 Poems
Maxine Swann – 14’
“I could draw a line through my life, a crack, everything changed after that. At the age of thirteen, I lost what I loved the most.” A woman decides to free herself from a disturbed relationship from her past that, in many ways, has determined the course of her life. She puts the pieces together and carries out a reenactment.

Lo que queda de la noche
Florencia Zunana – 17’
In the middle of the night, when seclusion and insomnia become a nightmare, a woman obsesses over a man she believes she knows.

Partiríamos en agosto 
Celina Wolffelt – 9’
A couple decide to leave the apartment in which they’re living. As the day of the move approaches, the preparations become stranger and stranger, and she begins to doubt. Where are they heading?

Huesos de azúcar
Florentina González – 5’
What does it mean to be strong, Gucho? I ask myself that ever since I found out that my bones are made of sugar.