Dispararon al pianista

They Shot the Piano Player

Fernando Trueba
Javier Mariscal
Duration: 103 min.  
Country: España,Francia,Países Bajos  
Language: Inglés  
Year: 2023
Viernes 10, 16:30 hs., Teatro Auditorium (Sala Astor Piazzolla)
Sábado 11, 17:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 3)
Domingo 12, 17:50 hs., Paseo Aldrey (Sala Aldrey 3)

Who was Tenório Jr.? Intrigued by the talent and mystery hiding behind that question, a journalist embarks on an investigation that becomes a journey to the birth of one of the most fascinating genres in the music of Brazil and the planet—the bossa nova. This is the fictional device Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal use as the backbone of their journey through the life and works of the extraordinary pianist who, hours after having played with Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho in Buenos Aires, and a few days after the coup d’ètat that would mark the beginning of the last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina, was abducted and dissapeared by a paramilitary force. An investigative thriller? An animated documentary? A musical? They Shot the Piano Player is all of that, but it’s also, above all things, a beautiful act of memory and justice.

Fernando Trueba

Fernando Trueba

Fernando Trueba (Spain, 1955) is a writer-director. He revitalized Spanish comedy with Opera Prima (1980), and received the Oscar with Belle Epoque (1992).

Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal (Spain, 1950) is an animator and comic book artist, used to be an industrial designer and created Cobi, the mascot for the Barcelona ‘92 Olympic Games.

Data Sheet:

G: Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal 
E: Arnau Quiles Pascuai 
P: Cristina Huete, Serge Laloand, Sophie Cabon, Bruno Felix, Janneke van der Kerkhof, Femke Wolling, Humberto Santana 
I: Jeff Goldblum, Roberta Wallach, Tony Ramos, Vinicius De Moraes, João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil


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